Established 1964

Where, When, How Much & FAQ

NB: We only teach adults i.e. 18+









All Classes are held at:

Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre
Purbeck Road (Off Hills Road)

Tel: 01223 500009

Please follow this link for directions


Monday Evening - New Class Time!

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Taught by Sensei John Longford 6th. Dan

Wednesday Evening

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Taught by Sensei Jenny Ousey 5th. Dan

How Much?

Matt fees are paid per lesson. Lessons are 8 each . Cambridge Aikido  is non profit making. The alternative is a 40 standing order payable on the first of the month.

In addition to mat fees, anybody not holding valid insurance or anyone wishing to become a club member will be required to join the international Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe organisation to which the club belongs. Membership in this costs 30 per year which includes personal indemnity insurance. An organisation membership form can be found here.



I want to try Aikido but am not sure which class to attend?

Our Wednesday class is the most suitable for beginners and we do run periodic beginners courses so check our News section for details. But even if a beginners course is not running please don't be put off as the teaching is designed for all levels.

I am a beginner. Do I need to purchase a Gi (White training outfit) before starting.

No, not unless you want to. It is quite acceptable for the first few lessons to just wear loose clothing e.g. T shirt and trainer bottoms.

I have never done Aikido before. Which is the best lesson to start on?

Whichever one suits you but remember that the more lessons you do each week the quicker you will progress!

I want to learn to defend myself. Is Aikido suitable?

Definitely but you must be patient. It takes time to be proficient in any Martial Art.