Established 1964

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Club History

Cambridge Aikido was founded in 1964, and has been teaching Aikido ever since. The club has had several head instructors during its lifetime.

In 1983 the head instructor at the time, Sensei Tony Sargeant, began following the teachings of master Morihiro Saito and the Iwama style of Aikido. Cambridge Aikido has been teaching Iwama style Aikido ever since.

In 1991 Sensei Sargeant formed the Iwama organisation in the UK.

In 1997 Sensei Sargent passed the care of Cambridge Aikido on to the current leader and principal instructor, Sensei John Longford.

Sensei John Longford is a Black Belt 6th Dan who has been training since 1980 and also teaching for most of that time. Sensei Longford was, and still is taught by Sensei Sargeant. He has attended many seminars in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, training under various top teachers but predominately under Sensei Tony Sargeant and Morihiro Saito Sensei. The organisation to which the club belongs has clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Greece and Russia.

To read a Q&A session with Sensei Longford please click on this link.

Our Black Belts

John Longford
6th Dan
Jenny Ousey
5th Dan
Nigel Porter
4th Dan
Laurence Hobson
3rd Dan
Jindra Bubenicek
2nd Dan
Steve Martin
2nd Dan
Mara Sheldon
2nd Dan